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Where To Start When Starting Over

April 04, 20243 min read

“You're not really going back to the beginning, because you've already learned lessons to get you where you are today."

Alright, can we be real for a minute? Have you ever been in that loop of starting something new, getting sidetracked, and then realizing you’re more familiar with the starting line than the actual race? Yeah, me too. It's like deciding to learn French, getting through "Bonjour" and "Trés bien", and then somehow pretending that you’re an instant-expert because you’ve watched Audrey Hepburn in “Paris When It Sizzles” (Spoiler: you're not).

So why is it that you find yourself constantly starting, then stopping, and starting over again? And how do you actually push through to KEEP GOING when things might get… a bit overwhelming?

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Well here are a few mindset tips I’ve put together to give you a good starting point, so that you can shift your perspective to follow through.

It's Not a Reset, It's a Remix.

Personally, I think it’s really easy to confuse “starting over” with “going back to the beginning”. And here’s the thing: you’re not really going back to the beginning, because you’ve already learned lessons to get you to where you are today. So in reality, you're really just remixing your life experiences into something new (gotta love a good music play-on-words!). You're taking what you learned from all those “Day Ones” and blending them into a killer comeback track (Boom!). Didn’t stick to that workout plan? Cool, maybe you discovered you prefer dancing like nobody's watching (or like everyone is, if that's your vibe). That's not failure; that's discovery.

Embrace the Oops and Moving Forward.

So, how do you embrace the "oops" and turn them into a strategy? First off, chuck out the idea that starting over is a bad thing. It’s not. It’s proof you’re trying, and that’s gold. Here’s the kicker, though: fear loves to gatecrash this party. It whispers sweet little lies like, "You messed up before, why bother?" or "Are you sure you can do it this time?" Tell fear to take a hike. You’ve got starting over to do.

Just Start... Again.

The magic happens when you take that first step. Again. And maybe a third or fourth time. But who’s counting? Every step is a new chance to get it right—or at least, get it going. And if you’re looking for that secret sauce to make the “starting over” thing a bit less daunting, visualization is your friend. Picture yourself nailing that job interview, crossing the finish line, or finally mastering the art of making the perfect sourdough bread (because why not?). Studies have shown that athletes who visualize their wins can actually boost their performance. Imagine what it could do for the rest of us mere mortals.

Starting Over Like a Pro.

Here’s how to make your umpteenth “Day One” feel like a fresh start, not a repeat episode:

  • Laugh at the Past: You tried, you stumbled, you made memories. Laugh it off. Humor is the best comeback.

  • Break It Down: Big dreams are great, but big actions can be overwhelming. Slice your goal into bite-sized pieces.

  • Visualize the Win: Spend a moment in your busy life to picture your success. Feel it, believe it, and then chase after it.

  • Gather Your Cheer Squad: Find those friends or family members who believe in you blindly and let them pep you up.

  • Just Do It: Borrowing from a famous slogan here (thanks Nike!), but seriously, the best way to start is to just start. Simple.

Starting over isn't about going back; it’s about charging forward with all the wisdom of your previous attempts. It's your story, your comeback arc, and guess what? It’s going to be incredible no matter what happens. Here’s to starting over, wherever you are, because the truth is, the best place to start is exactly where you stand. Let’s get this debut re-do on the road. 

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